Application Process

Complete and submit the online Online Application Form, and print a copy for your records.  The completed application form and required supporting documentation must be submitted online by April 15, 2019.

Please be sure to read all of the online application instructions carefully. You will need to create an account, set up your password and security questions, and then fill out a short “profile”. You do not have to complete all of the profile, however we do need your home address, and also your institutional address if applicable. Once you complete your profile, you will be able to fill out the online C3N application.

All students are expected to attend for the full duration of the program.

Email questions to the C3N Course Administrator.

Financial Information

We encourage interested students to apply. Upon acceptance students will be asked to estimate their financial need. Program funds will be used to ensure that no student will be hindered in attending C3N due to financial constraints. The optional budget part of the application will ask you to estimate the costs for your travel, food and lodging, and to provide information about the financial resources available to you from your personal resources, your home institution, and other sources. In past years we have been able to meet the full financial needs of all accepted students. We anticipate that the same will be true for this summer.

Online Application

The online application requires you to provide certain information and to answer the questions below. You can type the answers to the questions into an editor or word processor and copy/paste them into the appropriate text areas of the application form, or type them directly into the online application.

You must fill out all parts of the application, and request two recommendations, before your application will be considered complete. If you are not applying for financial aid, please complete the Budget section, indicating in that section that you are not going to be applying for aid.

Questions you must answer:

  • The aim of this program is to bring together students from a wide range of backgrounds. Please explain where you fit in the broad spectrum from pure experimentalist to pure theorist and what you hope to gain from the program. (Be succinct; half-page maximum.)
  • We are interested in what steps you have taken to broaden your scientific background in areas relevant to the study of modern neuroscience. Please explain what steps you have taken in this direction. (Again, be succinct; half-page maximum.)
  • Describe your level of experience with MATLAB programming. (One paragraph maximum.)

Required Supporting Documentation

  • Upload a PDF copy of your curriculum vitae. Please state your most recent undergraduate GPA (grade point average) as a fraction of the highest possible, i.e., 3.7/4.0.
  • Upload a PDF copy of your transcripts. Graduate and Undergraduate transcripts are required of all applicants currently enrolled in graduate school. Ph.D.s need only submit graduate school transcripts. If your institution outside the U.S. does not issue transcripts, we will accept copies of diplomas or certificates.
  • Please arrange for two people who are familiar with your abilities to write a letter of recommendation for you.  The online application will ask you for the institutional email addresses for your recommenders. They will automatically receive an email with instructions for submitting their letter of recommendation.